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Who We Serve

Business women

High Income Earners

The IRS will not be your best friend if you have a high income. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have a tax plan in place, you will wonder why you are working so hard and keeping so little of your money.

Warren Buffet famously noted that he pays fewer taxes (on a percentage basis) than his secretary; that is because the bulk of his wealth is in stock rather than wage income.

The ultra-rich use the tax code not when they need to file their tax return, but as a strategic plan to retain more of what they make. Income can fall into 3 different types of bucket. 1. Taxable 2. Tax Deferred 3. Tax Free. You need to identify where your money should be, but making this decision is complicated and can have expensive consequences if you make the wrong one. At McIntosh Financial Group, we work to help you understand your choices and guide you to keep more of your hard earned money.



At McIntosh Financial Group we consider ourselves to be tax specialist for Doctors and Medical Practitioners. We diagnose your situation and provide you with the right “tax-prescription”. The choice is then yours…you can choose to take the prescription someplace else, or being the medical tax specialist that we are, we can fulfill that prescription for you.

As taxes continue to rise, you and your practice need to be ready. We analyze the pros and cons of your financial situation and offer the right solutions for your unique circumstances. Working together, McIntosh Financial Group can help you navigate the complicated landscape of medical taxes and make you aware of the hidden pitfalls that affect you, your practice and your financial future.

Elderly Couple


When you were paying into social security you thought it would be tax-free. Unbeknownst to you, many of the rules changed as you were accumulating your retirement savings and, well, you were wrong. When you had Medicare withholding you didn’t know there was going to be a Medicare tax! You thought Medicare was going to cover all your health related bills, including long-term care – unfortunately, you were wrong again.

Have you thought about what happens if you outlive your money because you are paying too much tax? What do you do if you need long-term care? To be ready for a stable retirement, McIntosh Financial Group works alongside you throughout your retirement preparation to guide, evaluate and ensure that you are prepared for any possible scenario, so you can retire with peace of mind.

Business owners

Business Owners

Being an Entrepreneur/Business Owner can be both rewarding and challenging. The journey usually starts with a great idea or unique talent, but then the question becomes, “how do you structure your new business”? Do you operate as a Sole Proprietor or Incorporate? And, if you do make the decision to Incorporate, you are then faced with having to decide on a multitude of available structure options.

The information available can be overwhelming.. If you need to hire employees, you will need to figure out how to setup payroll and structure other needed services. Who can you trust to give you the right advise, offer clear guidance and provide insights to better decision making regarding your business? At McIntosh Financial Group we work directly with business owners like you to help create a custom plan, understand all your options and help you properly navigate this complicated decision process.

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