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Welcome to McIntosh Financial Group

Fractional Family Office

About Us

Investments Are More Than Making a Financial Commitment

Investments are also what you commit to in life. Every day you invest in giving your best to make your business successful, to grow in your career, to bring a smile to someone’s face. You invest in nourishing habits, in dreams that become goals that transform into reality. 

Every step along your personal and professional paths you want the certainty of right decisions, best interests, managed risks, low loss. You want the certainty of a prosperous future for you and your family. 

But keeping that certainty may be hard when you juggle work, clients, investors, vendors, family, friends, money, health and the world we are living in, right? 

“One office…one team…endless possibilities.”

The good news: you are not alone. The great news: we have the best plans, tools and answers to guide you every step of the important decisions you need to make about your wealth.

Our dedicated team of experts work as one to support prospering entrepreneurs like you to create a plan, implement successful strategies and manage all financials across your entire investment and tax portfolio. 

We combined the experience and proficiency of Tax Preparation and Planning, Accounting, Insurance, Wealth and Retirement Management to bring to you an integrated Planning and Management service - a one-stop-shop for your accounting, taxes and financial needs. That allows us to have a full understanding of your financial health and what needs to be done to create a continuous stream of success and legacy. We are McIntosh Financial Group.